Little Sand

Build a game in four days

We joined a competition called G-Ameland. This competition was on the Dutch island Ameland and the assignment was to create a game concept and playable demo within four days. The game had to be informational, fun and it had to be about the island.

We were competing against 15 other groups (about 100 participants) and there was a jury with members from five different countries.


Project type: game prototype
Client: G-Ameland

* keep in mind that this game was created in four days

Little Sand Ameland

We came up with the game "Little Sand Ameland". It's a game to teach children about the waves in a way that they can relate to. As the waves keep tearing down the walls they have make them stronger. If the walls get too low, the waves will eventually flood the sand castle completely and you lose the game.

Ultimately, we won the first price with our game.