Farmers Weeks


The dutch supermarket chain EMTÉ ran a campaign called the Farmers Weeks. In the supermarket customers would receive a pack of cards with their purchase with which they could win prizes. The campaign site was targeted on kids, so there were games to play and details about the characters in the campaign.


Project type: website
Client: EMTÉ

This project was created in collaboration with:


In the store, customers would get a card with a unique code. With this code they could check online to see if they had won any prizes. If they did, they could claim the prize and the card would be flagged as a winning card.

Scanning Cards

The customers would receive a pack of playing cards. When they were at home, they could use their webcam to scan one of the cards to get to know more about that specific character.


In the campaign there were ten different farm animal characters. On the website, all characters were listed and in detail given a story. The stories were told with a voiceover.